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There are certain situations where immediate retreat is impossible. The two most common are when there are multiple assailants that have surrounded you, and when you are trapped or cornered with no avenue of retreat. If you find yourself surrounded by multiple assailants you must do two things immediately. First, assuming the assailants are within range, disperse a full 360-degree circle of spray at head level, again creating a barrier the assailants must pass through to get to you. This may break up the pack quickly, or it may not. 

In either case, your second step is to quickly find the best escape route, and immediately take it since your life may depend on it! In order to do this you may have to target one of the assailants with the spray, spray him, and push past him quickly. This calls for a forward attack with the spray, which means you'll be entering a spray zone where you'll be affected. To lessen the effects, take a deep breath, close your eyes briefly, and plunge through quickly. Once you've broken out of the circle, face the assailants, ready to spray again if necessary, and continue to back up until you can escape and get help. 
If you are cornered, the procedure is very much the same as when you're surrounded. Spray the assailant(s), hold your breath and close your eyes, and run the moment you see the assailant disabled. When using any tactic where you have to enter the spray zone, you will be affected by it. Ignore the effects as much as possible so you can escape and get help. As long as you don't take a full breath of the spray, and it has only incidental contact with your eyes, you'll be able to function well enough to escape and get help

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Multiple Assailants

When faced with multiple assailants, you should use a circular or semicircular spray pattern technique that provides a protective barrier. If the assailants are in front of you, spray the one nearest you directly. His sudden reaction may stop the others when they see the agony he's going through. As with a single assailant, immediately begin retreating or backing up, never taking your eyes off the assailants, remaining ready to spray anyone else foolish enough to pursue. Retreat and escape to safety as previously described. 

Multiple assailants will often travel and strike in packs, for protection and dominance. Usually when one or two of them are stopped, the rest will stop as well. If multiple assailants keep coming toward you, even after stopping one of them, put out a 180 degree arc of spray to your front while continuing to back up. You must fight the natural urge to turn your back on the assailants and run. You cannot disable them as well, or as effectively, if you're running away. The idea is to force the assailants through the spray to get to you. Keep in mind this defense works best at a range of six to eight feet. Any shorter distance and they're too close. The successful use of the 180 degree spray tactic also depends on the type and range of your spray. Test spray your unit to determine its range and spray pattern. Again, don't wave the spray around like a fire hose. Lay down a solid, continuous barrier of protection quickly but thoroughly. 

There's an exception to the single and multiple assailant tactics just described. If your assailant(s) attack you at a run, your first, and best instinct, is to run as well. But while you're running, pull the spray, aim it behind you, and shoot. This tactic again forces the assailant(s) through the spray to get to you. Use this only as an emergency measure, however, and only spray when you know the assailant(s) are in the effective range of your spray, usually 8 to 10 feet. Otherwise you're simply wasting the spray.

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Tactical Use Of Pepper Spray-Escape!

Retreat and Escape

The whole purpose of using a defense spray is to stop your assailant immediately, disable him so he can no longer hurt you, and give you the opportunity to escape to a safe place. DO NOT attempt to hold the assailant for the police. In fact, get as far away from him as you can. DO NOT move toward the assailant in any way since you could be affected by the PEPPER SPRAY, which then could incapacitate you. The best way to escape is by backing away from the assailant as you're shooting, or immediately after. 

Do not turn your back on him! Obviously, you need to see where you're going, but don't turn your back and run away until you're at a good distance and the assailant no longer presents an immediate threat. If the assailant attempts to follow you or the first spray wasn't enough, you must be ready to spray him again. Once you're a safe distance from the assailant, turn and run quickly to the nearest safe place, preferably one with people who can help you. Once you reach a safe place, be forceful in your request for help. A command of, "Call the Police now!" will usually do it since people can sometimes be hesitant to help or get involved. DO NOT WAIT! And do not go back to where you left the assailant. He may still be in the area.

Tactical Use of Pepper Spray-Shooting

Shooting the Spray

There's much more to using a defense spray than just pointing and shooting. Remember, don't raise, point, and shoot the spray until you're ready to fire, until the assailant is in range and you know the spray will hit him full in the face and incapacitate him. The objective is to surprise and stop him before he has a chance to react or think. When you're ready to shoot the spray, go into a slight crouch with your weight evenly balanced on both feet, if you have the chance. Thrust your non-shooting hand straight out in front of you. At the same time shout "STOP" as loud as you can. As you're doing this, raise your hand holding the spray to eye level, approximately six inches in front of your chin, aim over your outstretched arm and hand, and shoot at the assailant's face. 

Shouting "STOP" creates a slight diversion, but more importantly, it focuses your energy. Raising your arm outstretched toward the assailant may cause his immediate attention to be focused on that hand, not the one with the spray. This gives you time to bring the pepper spray to bear and shoot before the assailant can react. Never thrust your shooting hand out in front of you toward the assailant. He may react quickly and hit your hand aside or grab it, as you shoot, back up, continuing to do so until the spray has affected the assailant. 

Most sprays emit a wide enough pattern so that they don't require precise aiming. However, if you need to make an adjustment, do it calmly but quickly. Don't wave the spray around like a fire hose. That does nothing but waste the spray, causing much of it to hit empty air. Aim, shoot, see where you're hitting and, if need be, correct your aim quickly while spraying. You should shoot the spray for 2 to 3 seconds. A good, solid medium duration spray around the head and shoulders should do it. After shooting, the assailant will normally stop within a second or two, blinded and virtually helpless due to uncontrollable coughing spasms. Once he's disabled, stop spraying. Continue backing up and concentrate on getting away. Obviously you may not have time to shoot the spray in such a "textbook" way. You may not have time to do anything but bring the spray up and start shooting. If that's the case, don't worry about aiming correctly, or even correcting aim. JUST SHOOT!

Tactical Use Of Pepper Spray-Timing

Timing & Pepper Spray

One of the keys to effective use of Pepper Spray is timing. Exactly when you bring a spray to aim at an assailant can be critical to the outcome of a situation. First, make sure the Pepper Spray is readily available and, second, through practice, learn how to use it quickly and accurately. Now, when faced with a potentially threatening situation, it's only a matter of when you decide to react. 

The timing of Pepper Spray use is controlled by three things: prior awareness, the distance involved when the assault actually takes place, and whether or not your movement or physical capabilities are restricted by the assailant.

The first timing factor is prior awareness, which was covered in the last section. An un-anticipated assault will be covered shortly. Just remember, that if you have any forewarning at all, it will probably be very short, and you may have only seconds to react. Under these circumstances, timing is critical! Timing refers to exactly when you un-clip your Pepper Spray and raise it up to spray the assailant. 

In situations where you see the assault coming, DON'T pull the spray out immediately to threaten the assailant. To repeat, DO NOT pull your Pepper Spray out until you're ready to use it! Do not threaten with it! Showing the spray before you shoot tells the assailant what you're going to do and gives him the opportunity to prepare for and react to it. And what's worse, he may have his own weapon. Showing him your spray may cause him to brandish his weapon and escalate the situation to a far more dangerous level. Many of today's criminals carry weapons "just in case." When you pull out your pepper spray, be ready to use it! The more swift and unexpected your countermeasure, the more successful your defense will be.

Pepper Spray And Special Circumstances-Date Rape

Date Rape (And Pepper Spray)

Use of a defense spray to prevent date rape is done much the same way as any other assault. The only difference is that you must first recognize what is happening, then verbally attempt to stop the man's behavior. Once you say "Stop!" in a forceful way, and he doesn't comply, you have every right to stop the continued aggressive behavior with your Pepper Spray or other Self Defense Device you have, but remember to do it quickly so that you gain the advantage of surprise, aim your Pepper Spray directly for his/her face for maximum effectiveness. 

Even in situations which seem non-threatening, you must have the spray available to you. If you need to retrieve it from a purse or jacket pocket, it is a good idea to rehearse a reason in advance to avoid finding yourself unable to get to the spray when you need it. When you shoot, do so quickly with surprise. Then, as with any other defense measure, leave quickly.

Self Defense And Your Part

Self Defense and your Part

We want to do more than be your online source of self defense products like pepper spray and stun guns, we want to educate you on what to do with those items and try to teach you how to use them. 

First thing we want you to know is that you can not use what you don't have, to quote: "Plan for the Worst and hope for the Best" puts it into the best perspective.

We take lots of calls and email asking which pepper spray is right to have, well that is a loaded question. It really boils down to how you plane to use it, are you looking to protect your home, or do you walk/jog daily or leave work at a questionable time at night by yourself? In any case there is no right or wrong as long as you have it when you need it. There are some pepper sprays that are better than others of course. For instance if you walk/jog you might like our Heatwave Jogger Model the wrist strap arm band keep the spray at your ready. For home protection you will want more spray to cover a larger area such as Heatwave 4 oz Home Model. But either will work in an emergency situation. Now for every great defense, it is equally important to have an aggressive offense. We like to tell people, have your pepper sprays ready, listen to your body. Most people who are attacked felt something the moment before, we suggest the use of a personal alarm as your offense. Just the noise of our Personal Keychain Alarm may be all the defense you need. With a loud noise, either the perpetrator will think someone has or will see the attack or a bystander will hear it and come to investigate. Either way, you have done your best to call for help, now the moment you set off the noise, you need to be ready to with your Pepper Spray, aim for center mass and move up to the face, once you have hit your target RUN. Don't wait around to see if it worked, or if they are hurt, RUN AWAY!!! Don't even stop to call the police, do that once you are safe. 

Please no matter what, do your part to be safe.


Pepper Spray and Bears

Tips if you plan to be in BEAR COUNTRY!
    • Always have Bear Pepper Spray in its holster ready for immediate use. Don't bury it in your pack.
    • Be alert where recent bear activity has been documented by park officials, Fish and Game, Forest Service, and other public service people. Some common areas where bears like to frequent are: avalanche chutes, stream beds, dense edge cover and, in late summer, berry patches.
  • Use extreme caution when traveling on trails at night or at either end of day.
  • Be careful with food smells - never cook close to camp. Store all foods in plastic away from camp at night and when camp is unattended. We suggest at least 100 yards from camp and at least 14 feet up a tree hung 4 feet away from the trunk.
  • Watch for fresh bear sign (scat or bear tracks) on the trail or near possible campsites.
  • If possible, make plenty of noise on the trail, especially on blind curves, in dense vegetation and in areas with limited vision
  • Be conscious of the wind - bears have an excellent sense of smell. If the wind is at your back, chances are a bear will smell you and leave the area well before you reach it. If the wind is blowing in your face, your chances of an encounter greatly increase. Also, in high wind situations or along creeks and streams, a bear might not hear you coming or you might not hear it.
  • Dead animal carcass - If you come upon a dead animal carcass, immediately leave the area. Bears will often feed on a carcass for days and also stay in the area to protect their food.
  • Bear cubs - If you see a bear cub, chances are the sow is not far away. Female bears will fiercely defend their young, so it is best you leave the area and find an alternative route.
  • Keep dogs under control - dogs can lead an angry bear back to you.
  • We advise not to travel alone in bear country. Invite a friend. It is always safer to travel in groups if possible.
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How To Carry Pepper Spray

The American Security Institute recommends carrying the largest size pepper spray that is practical and legal for you. Most 2 ounce sprays are about 4" long and 1" in diameter- small enough to clip onto a purse or a belt. If you find this size inconvenient or impractical, carry a keychain spray. The biggest advantage of the keychain spray is that you're not likely to forget it. 

Unless you have no other choice, do not carry a pepper spray in your pocket! Too often the spray cannot be retrieved quickly enough to do any good. Remember, most physical assaults occur very quickly, often giving the victim a second or two, at most, to react. As you'll read later, there's a way to handle this, but only if your defense spray is readily available. The other reason you shouldn't carry the spray in your pocket is the possibility of forgetting it the next time you go out.

Purse Carry
For women, the obvious place to carry pepper spray is a purse. What is not so obvious, is HOW to carry it in the purse. Don't let the spray sit at the bottom of your purse. The time it takes to find and retrieve it can be all the time an assailant needs to overpower you or even steal your purse! 

Pepper spray carried in a purse should be clipped to the front end of an inside pocket, flap, or divider. Clip it so that the unit itself is inside the purse, easy to access, pull out, and use in a few seconds. You may consider holding it in your purse as you're walking. A purse with a long strap slung over the shoulder is ideal for this purpose. An assailant just might hesitate if he sees you're prepared to deal with someone just like him. 

A recommended alternative to carrying a purse is a small waist or "fanny" pack. The belt of the pack is ideal for carrying a pepper spray and there's little danger of a "purse snatch" attempt on the pack. A note of caution: If you do use a waist or "fanny" pack, don't carry any defense spray in the open where it can be seen. You will lose the important element of surprise, (covered later), and it might even be stolen! Cover it up with a coat, jacket, sweatshirt, etc. 

Belt Carry
If you're going to carry the pepper spray on a belt beneath a jacket or coat, attach the spray upside down. If you experiment with this, you'll probably find it much easier to "draw" the spray downward off the belt, rather than upward. Also, if possible, position the spray in its holster so that when it's grabbed and drawn, it's already in position to use without having to turn it or rearrange it in your hand. Experiment until you can quickly draw the spray, raise it up, and shoot it in one fluid motion.

Practice Drills 
Practice the same drill noted above, if you carry the spray in your purse. Keep in mind that you want to retain possession of the spray even if your purse is grabbed and yanked away. The spray should be positioned and clipped onto the purse in such a way that, when you have hold of it, any downward yank of the purse will allow the spray to come off in your hand. 

Anytime you're on foot, such as walking to your car, leaving a restaurant, shopping, jogging, etc., alone or isolated; you should have the spray ready to use in an instant. Whether it's attached to your purse or belt, or on a key chain makes no difference; have it ready! The time you may need to react to an assault may be less than a few seconds. 

It's also very important to mentally rehearse exactly what to do in case you need to use the spray. Practice against an imaginary assailant until you're comfortable with your ability to use the spray fast and effectively. This practice could make the difference between becoming a victim and surviving a hostile confrontation.

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Pepper Spray Nozzle & Spray Patterns

Just as important as the capacity and brand of your Pepper Spray, is the spray pattern. There are generally two types of spray patterns: a stream pattern which gives good range but requires aiming directly at the face; and a cone mist, also known as a fogger, which has a shorter range but does not require true aiming. 

In addition to these factors, there are two other important comparisons. First, if there is a breeze, the stream spray is more controllable. The cone mist can be blown off target or even back at the sprayer. Second is the question of inhale ability. OC works best when it hits the eyes and when inhaled. The cone mist is inhaled instantly while the stream may require longer exposure to cause coughing spasms. With all types of sprays, it is critical to hit the attacker in the face!

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What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray, also known as OC is a derivative of HOT CAYENNE PEPPERS and is the active agent in most popular self defense pepper sprays. It is not an irritant like the tear gases, but an inflammatory agent. Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) will cause IMMEDIATE dilation of the capillaries of the eyes, resulting in TEMPORARY BLINDNESS and instant inflammation of the breathing tube tissues, cutting off ALL BUT LIFE-SUPPORT BREATHING. Pepper Spray "shelf-life" does not deteriorate with age and unlike the tear gasses, WILL NOT CAUSE LASTING AFTEREFFECTS.

The term OC (oleoresin capsicum) is a horticultural term, which refers to chili peppers. There are many different kinds of chili peppers ranging from jalapeños, chiletpin, and cayenne to habañeros. They all have one thing in common. They all contain a substance that is very powerful -- an alkaloid called capsaicin (cap-say-a-sin). Just a single drop of tasteless and odorless capsaicin in 100,000 drops of water and the heat can be noticeable. In fact, capsaicin can be detected by humans at one part per ten million! 

One of the biggest misconceptions about pepper spray is that the higher the percentage, the hotter and better it works. In most cases this could not be further from the truth. Most of the best, fastest incapacitating sprays in the world are from 2%-17%. The lighter the fluid, the faster it penetrates the membranes. The percentage has nothing to do with the actual SHU or "hot" in the spray. Also, thicker sprays can inflame the skin area more and last longer with this unnecessary inflammation. A good spray will put the attacker down and out allowing you to escape or take control of the situation. 

Because it is an inflammatory, rather than an irritant, pepper spray is effective against attackers who may not feel pain such as psychotics, drunks and drug abusers. Pepper spray has proven itself to be the ABSOLUTE BEST DETERRENT available for attacking dogs and wild animal control. Another major advantage of pepper spray is that it is not volatile and will not emit a lot of fumes like tear gases.

Personal Safety Kits (Personal Safety / Self Protection)

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Personal Safety Kits Self Defense Products

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Survival & Tactical Tools

tactical survival tools

Why do I need to have Survival gear?
To have a

tactical survival kit

in your car or when you are out camping or hiking in our beautiful wilderness areas such as Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks it just  just makes good sense. It only takes a blink of the eye and everything can become very serious out there.
We have the tactical survival tools for home, vehicles, and outings and they are inexpensive and can be carried in your purse, backpack,carrying bag or glove compartment. Simple ideas that if you are in a pinch out there, and you are miles away from help, and you are on your own, even a fishing hook. or matches can be the difference between life or death. So why not just be on the safe side.
With so many interesting tactical products in this category like the Paracord Grenade Survival Kit, Portable solar Kettle, glass breaker pen you have seen advertised on some of the survival shows, even a Credit Card Folding Knife, One thing I'm sure you are really going to like is this, ( the world's fastest opening knife ), If you don't think this is the fastest opening knife, then I don't know what could possibly be faster. Just watch the video, IT"S AMAZING. Like shazzzzaaammm faster then the naked eye can see. You would have to see it in slow motion, which we have for you on the video.They are not switchblades so they are legal to buy and carry. If your looking for a knife with with functionality and a lot of uniqueness, Then here you GO!!!
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Personal Safety Kits (

College Safety Kit

In my opinion, the most valuable product offering in our self defense product repertoire is the Extreme College Safety Kit. Why you ask? Our college students are vulnerable to various crimes. Many times these “kids” are targeted for robbery, assault and sexual assault.
According to The US Department of Education’s (DOE) Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool, there were more than 5000 Forcible Sex Offenses reported on US Campuses in 2013. Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Burglary are also prevalent on US College Campuses. With nearly 16,000 burglaries, 2300 aggravated assaults, and 1600 robberies. Trend data from DOE shows a 46.76% increase in Forcible Sex Offenses reported on US Campuses from 2011 to 2013!
The Extreme College Safety Kit is a unique collection of self defense products designed to keep college students protected in every situation. The package includes four different pepper spray products; a disguised pepper spray that looks like lipstick, an auto-visor model, a key-chain unit and a personal size. The drowsy driver Nap Alarm is worn around the ear and designed to sound an alarm if you “nod off” while driving. The high decibel personal alarm will get much needed attention in an emergency. The door stop alarm and motion alert will secure an apartment or dorm room. The book diversion safe provides a place to hide away valuables. The cell phone light provides a nice, bright LED flashlight.
This package comes with a demonstration and training DVD. A quick demo shows you how to correctly use each product. Additionally, six special safety reports are included and provide both education and awareness to topics such as: college safety, rape reports, dorm or apartment safety, roommates, safe dating and college preparation for parents.
Every college student would be better off with this collection of self defense items. You can order the Extreme College Safety Kit or get more information HERE.

Self Defense Options

We live in the United States of America, the greatest Country in the world. Our fundamental right to bear arms is protected by The Second Amendment. The decision to maintain a gun in the home for self defense is a serious matter. The most important responsibility is ensuring that children cannot encounter loaded firearms. Anything less invites tragedy. When it comes to self defense options millions choose to carry a handgun, however, many others are not comfortable owning a handgun and instead look to less than lethal options.
The best less than lethal alternative for basic home and personal security is pepper spray.
Pepper spray, or oleoresin capsicum (OC), is used by law enforcement and corrections agencies across the United States to help subdue and arrest dangerous, combative, violent, or uncooperative subjects in a wide variety of scenarios. U.S. Department of Justice The Effectiveness and Safety of Pepper Spray
Professional law enforcement officers depend on pepper spray as a first line of defense because it works. The DOJ report referenced above conducted a 2 year study and found that when pepper spray was used there was a significant reduction in injuries to police officers from assaults, injuries to suspects from police use of force and excessive force complaints against the police.
Pepper spray provides you with effective protection at a safe distance. The ability to stop an attacker from 10 feet away is a huge plus. Pepper spray is the most practical self protection product available. It’s compact and convenient to carry just about anywhere. A small canister of pepper spray can provide protection against numerous threats. Most people don’t realize it but pepper spray is legal to carry in all 50 states (a handful have restrictions). Pepper spray is the great equalizer allowing a small petite would be victim the ability to protect themselves against a much larger and stronger attacker.
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Hidden Cameras

There used to be a lot of mystique surrounding spy technology. In today’s post we will answer some of that mystique by explaining what a hidden spy camera is and what they can do.
A hidden spy camera is nothing more than a pinhole camera placed inside a common item folks are used to seeing such as radios, alarm clocks and other household items.
A spy camera, a.k.a. a hidden spy camera, has been around since 1936 when Baltic German Walter Zapp invented a subminiature camera. World War II interrupted production of the forerunner of today’s modern spy camera several times. Back then they were considered luxury items for you Nazi leaders as well as tools for their spies.
Compared to today’s models the old ones were bulky and inefficient as well as being expensive. Today’s modern spy cameras are relatively inexpensive and affordable to everyone.
In the last nearly 80 years, hidden spy cameras have made tremendous transition to the point now where they are sophisticated tools consisting of a pinhole spy camera with a self-recording DVR included in many that can record color video (some can even record audio) on motion activated basis. There are literally hundreds of models from several different manufacturers. The most common models are wall clocks and ordinary household appliances such as clock radios, air purifiers, tower fans and even wall plugs and electrical outlets.
Many of them have the capability of transmitting images to a smart phone so you can monitor what is going on in your home from anywhere in the world.
This Sony dream machine alarm clock hidden spy camera is a great example. It uses an 8 GB SD card to record video on motion activated basis. It features remote control functions and area masking to help prevent unwanted recording. This high quality AM/FM radio will cast no suspicion that it is a recording device.
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Runner Safety

 Here are 5 tips to make sure you run safely.
  • If at all possible run with a “buddy”! If you can’t make the “buddy” system work, the next best alternative is to let someone know where you’ll be and when to expect you back. Technology makes this easy, many phone apps now offer free services that send your contacts a text message with your location, so they can track your safety throughout an activity such as running or biking.
  • If you run before the sun comes up or after dark be sure to illuminate yourself. Last month, while out for an evening run around my the neighborhood I was almost hit by a neighbor. It happened so quickly, he was distracted and didn’t see me. I jumped into the ditch to avoid a collision. I now make sure to wear reflective clothing and a clip-on flashing strobe light. Drivers can see runners who wear proper visibility gear from 6X the distance than those runners who don’t.
  • Many of us put the headphones in, turn up the music and zone out. It’s really important to turn the music down so you can hear what’s going on around you. Consider wearing headphones in only one ear. Lack of awareness can make you an attractive target to criminals. Dog attacks should also be a concern.
  • Alternate your route weekly. If you take the same route, at the same time each day you could potentially become an easy target for assailants. Instead, change your route frequently while adjusting the times you run accordingly.
  • Bring a self defense product. Consider carrying a canister of pepper spray and a personal alarm. These items can save your life during an attack. Pepper spray is highly effective at deterring both human and animal attacks. A personal alarm emits high decibel sound – its sole purpose is to make noise and attract attention during an emergency.

When a gun is not an option!!!

If you’re like countless others, personal security is a major concern, yet owning a handgun is not an option. You’re not alone, gun ownership is a huge responsibility that many are unwilling to make. The consequences of pulling the trigger in self-defense can be life changing. If this describes you, then what are your choices?
You have the right and responsibility create a safe environment for yourself and family. Crime is all around us, burglary, assault, rape, murder and home invasion are some of the most prevalent. Plenty of people are turning to non-lethal self defense products. These products are proven effective, yet the effects are temporary and cause no long term harm.
The most popular option is pepper spray or Mace. This inexpensive self defense spray is extremely effective at stopping an aggressive attacker. Capsaicin is the active ingredient which is derived from the extraction of oleoresin capsicum from peppers. A shot of pepper spray in the eyes, nose or mouth goes to work instantly to cause pain, trouble breathing, and temporary blindness. Pepper spray products offer varying effective ranges from about 6 feet to over 20 feet.
Stun guns and Tasers provide knock down power, require no license to own and operate, and are compact in size, making them convenient to carry. In addition, most units have built in LED flashlights that come in handy when trying to locate your keys or open a door. Stun guns are equipped with safety features that greatly reduce the chances of accidental firing. Numerous studies point to the overall safety of stun devices. Taser International alone has spent $4.5 million dollars over the last 5 years for medical research to ensure the safe use of stun devices.
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New Years Safety Suggestions 2017

Well another year has come and gone. As we embark on the new year, it is wise to reflect and review on the past year. Did we meet our goals and objectives? Personal safety is an area that is often overlooked. Are you vulnerable to a would-be criminal? Is your wife or children an easy target? Most of us find ourselves consumed by our day-to-day lives. The last thing on our minds is falling victim to an assault, robbery, rape or home invasion. Unfortunately, for many of us it only becomes a priority after we’ve been directly affected.
I challenge you to make personal safety a top resolution in 2017. Here are some tips to help you be successful.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and trust your gut feelings. If you feel something’s not right, it probably isn’t right
  • Stay in well lit and populated areas. Don’t even think about walking through an alley-way to save time.
  • Walk with confidence and purpose. Know where you are going and if you get lost, make it look like you know where you are. Don’t allow yourself to be easily surprised.
  • If you’re being followed, or see a person or group ahead you want to
    avoid, make changes in your path. Cross the street, walk in another direction, or duck into a well populated place.
  • In public or social situations work on keeping an eye on your surroundings. Keep your hands free, eyes and ears open. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by your smart phone or other activity that you loose touch with your surroundings.
  • Make eye contact. If you feel threatened or intimidated it’s natural to avoid eye contact. But looking someone straight in the face is the best deterrent. That eye contact may scare off a potential attacker because they fear you will be able to identify them.
  • Change things up often. If you are a walker, jogger or biker, it is best to change your route regularly. Plan out different routes and identify safe places you can go for help. If trouble arises, you can stop at these places and know you will be safe.
  • The “buddy system” works, use it. If at all possible, go places and do things in groups. If that’s not possible, there are several safety apps available that allow you to send contacts a text message with your location so they can track your safety throughout an activity. Some apps allow you to check-in or broadcast your current location to contacts through SMS messaging.
What happens when it’s too late. If you find yourself in a violent situation. Fight like your life depends on it. Having and using good quality pepper spray can stop a determined attacker quickly. Many law enforcement agencies consider pepper spray to be the most effective non-lethal personal security solution because of it’s ease of use and it’s high rate of effectiveness.
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Self Defense Products, Safety Kits, Self Protection, Safety Gear, Pepper Spray, Handcuffs, Batons, Hidden Safes, Women's Safety, College Safety Kits, Auto Travel Safety, Stun Guns, Survival Gear, Personal Alarms, Fake Camera, Streetwise Products & More!

Personal Safety Kits (

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Self Defense Products, Safety Kits, Self Protection, Safety Gear, Pepper Spray, Handcuffs, Batons, Hidden Safes, Women's Safety, College Safety Kits, Auto Travel Safety, Stun Guns, Survival Gear, Personal Alarms, Fake Camera, Streetwise Products & More!

Monday, December 19, 2016

New Products This Week!!!

Self Defense Products, Security Products, Safety Gear, Child Safety, Self Protection, Home Alarms, Alarm Systems, Pepper Spray, Police Safety Gear, Police Pepper Spray, Streetwise Pepper Spray

New Products This Week!